Make Do Drink workshops connect local makers with great venues in and around the city centre. By letting creatives run events without the admin, and giving attendees the chance to try something new (at some of the city’s best venues, with a drink in hand…), we’re making the most of Preston’s thriving independent scene.

make do drink pour attendees


Though at their core our workshops are about getting to make something with your own two hands we don’t just make things. Make Do Drink creates space to make memories, to make spending a few hours with your friends a priority or just to make some time for yourself away from screens and stress!

(Though incidentally we have also made bouquets, and wreaths, and candles, and macrame, and weavings, and prints…)


More casual than classroom, our workshops are always more about getting stuck in and having a go than doing it perfectly. Our makers get to do what they do best and everybody else gets to come along for the ride.

We’ve done workshops by post and in person and at every single one it’s been the people we’ve met and the chats they’ve had that mattered the most!

floral workshop attendee arranging a bouquet
cocktail ingredients on a pink velvet background


The drink part of Make Do Drink is the most self-explanatory – from cocktails to coffee a little refreshment goes a long way.

Whether it’s a candle wick wine pairing, craft beer alongside print block carving or mojitos with your macrame, we’ve got you covered.

Some of the nice things previous attendees have said about our workshops…

cropped shot of hands making green foliage wreaths

“Had a great evening at Made Do Drink Wreath before Christmas. The girls are great, they really helped make a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere. It was a really good night.”

close up of hands at a make do drink pour workshop

“Spent a lovely evening learning a new skill, meeting new people and enjoying nice food and wine. Well organised by the make do drink team. This is a great concept and I would encourage people to get involved.”

photo taken over the shoulder of two women making macrame wall hangings at make do drink knot

“You don’t have to have the pressure of sitting in front of loads of people, you can do something with your hands that’s creative and the conversation flows in a different way…”

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